ADA Heirlooms, Inc.

Custom Designs


ADA Heirlooms was founded in 2009 to custom design and manufacture formal attire for numerous celebrations,  While we still provide these services, the greatest interest, of late, has been to costume theater productions, dance competitions, and numerous cosplay events. Our goal has always been to provide a quality product and service at a more than competitive price.

For costuming theater productions, that which we cannot find we’ll design and make ourselves. We’ve worked within a variety of budgets to provide that which our clientele needs and desires.

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Jeanell Coral

President, Designer, and Master Seamstress

Jeanell has spent over 30 years of experience behind a sewing machine. Her “career” started with the designing and creating of her own pageant costumes and gowns. Before too long that experience was broadened into the design of her own business wear.

In 2000, she founded ADA Heirlooms. for the creation of liturgical vestments for her great uncle and some of his friends and peers. This opportunity also brought some additional exposure to the baptismal gown designs she had made for her own children. 

Since, demand for her vision, skill, and extensive knowledge of materials, design technique and execution, has been sought more broadly to provide for theater, dance, and now cosplay. 

“Exquisite does not have to equal expensive.”

The Crew

Family Owned and Run


ADA Heirlooms is a family owned and run business.

We would not be where we are without the support of our family, friends, and customers.